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About Us

Welcome to Land Clearing Seattle, we are glad to have you!

Whether you are looking to clear land for construction or cultivation, land clearing requires a lot of effort. In fact, depending on the size of land being cleared, it may require professional work. It may require the use of heavy machinery and hiring these on your own may cost you an arm and a leg. This is exactly why we are here.

At Land Clearing Seattle, we offer the best land clearing services on this side of the Pacific. This is specifically because we have invested years of experience in land clearing and therefore understand every nook and cranny of it.

Our Services

I order to give you the full rounded experience, where every need you may have is addressed, we offer the following services:

  • Land clearing
  • Excavation- this is almost always necessary. Whether you want to build or farm in the land, excavation is needed to prepare the land and soil.
  • Lot and view clearing- this is mostly for construction designated land. We take time to ensure that the lot clearing makes way for easy landscaping.
  • Brush cutting and mowing- this comes in where the land in question was not in use for the longest time. It entails clearing out all brush and digging up stubborn roots that could easily affect foundation laying and so on.
  • Forestry mulching- this, also, is most applicable for virgin land. We have different category forest Mulchers to deal with all levels of forestry mulching needed.
  • Earth moving- once excavation is done, we go a step ahead to remove the soil form the unwanted areas. In some cases, especially where landscaping is to follow, we simply level the soil.
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Our Capacity

Besides the professionally hand-picked equipment, we also boast a team of staff members that is exceptional. Our customer care agents ensure they get your detailed information and needs to the letter. This enables us to decide which team to send your way, and the equipment you may need. There are still some decisions that are made on the field, but their details go a long way to help us come up with a preliminary budget.

We also have in our employ professionals whose expertise are specific to each machinery needed, and whose work experience enables them to know the best course of action.

Why Use Us?

We know that you may feel the need to cut the cost and simply do the clearing yourself. However, understand that clearing a huge piece of land will require the use of machinery and a lot of manpower. Land Clearing Seattle offers you a package that comes with the necessary equipment and know how, but also the necessary security for this kind of work. You are then not liable for any accidents that may happen during the process. You are also free to simply supervise and question.

So contact us today, and have all your land clearing needs met and surpassed.