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land clearing contractors

When they said no task is too great or too small, they had us in mind. At Land Clearing Seattle, we understand how excavation can seem like an elephant task to one individual. This is more so when all you try to visualize is your new home/ business/ farm but there are all these obstacles in your way. Well, we are available to not only clear your view but also help start off your dream​

What Is Excavation In Land Clearing?

In essence, excavation in land clearing and lot clearing defines the process of digging up rocks or soil in a site to prepare it for either cultivation or development. This is done using special machinery though, in larger scale, explosives might be involved.
Before undertaking any level of excavation, an excavation company has to have a number of things in order:


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  • Health factors- before commencing on any excavation especially high-level ones, the excavation company needs to assess the possibility of any hazards. Then come up with measures to ensure they do not occur.
  • Assess the risks involved. This ensures that beyond just covering the hazards, any other risks that could occur due to the excavation are handled prior to beginning the process. This includes such risks as landslides.
  • Site assessment- this enables the contractors to assess the best methods to carry out the excavation. It also helps them decide on the best machinery to use and the operators best suited to drive them.
  • Buildings and developments close to the site- excavation contractors need to asses if the excavation will affect nearby buildings and developments. This helps avoid lawsuits or even high-risk situations that could cost lives.


What To Expect From An Excavation Service

Well, this is highly dependent on the company you choose. At land Clearing Seattle, we understand that perfection is not only encouraged, but expected. As such, we take every measure possible to ensure that we deliver what is expected, and then some, without compromising on safety. Our team of machine operators and contractors are highly skilled and come laden with experience. You can, therefore, expect to receive the best service.
Our excavation services extend to:

Site and shed excavation
Surface drainage preservation
Slab preparation for house construction, shed construction and even dam construction
Soil moving and levelling
Rubble and rubbish disposal


Excavation Service Near Me

The Seattle region boasts a few excavation companies who fully understand what needs to be done. What matters most when deciding which company to choose is their certification, if they are compliant with the health laws involved and their credibility. This will ensure that come what may, you are not held liable for any accidents or incidents that may occur in the process. Land Clearing Seattle is not only distinguished but is fully compliant with all law guidelines pertaining to excavation.


Excavation Cost

The price rates for excavation are determined by the level of excavation needed. The rate can be as low as $500 or can even rise to $250,000 though this would be on its own level. The average state rate for small scale excavation lands at $3000.