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Brush Mulching

Brush mulching is the process of clearing off mulch by cutting it off then grinding it all in one move. (It is the same process as forestry mulching, only with brush instead of trees.) This is done through the use of brush mulchers. These are machines that have grinders attached to perform all these processes in a short time.

Why Do You Need Brush Mulching?

If you have a piece of land that you want to develop or farm, you need to find the best way to clear out all trees and brush. Brush mulching is one of the most effective ways of clearing out unwanted brush and even trees. This should, however, be done by professionals as the machines are dangerous in the wrong hands.

Land Clearing Seattle offers you brush mulching done is the most professional way, done at the hands of people who not only know how to do it but have years of experience in it.

Benefits Of Brush Mulching

For starters, it saves you a lot of time. It would take quite some time for you to cut off every brush in let’s say 5 acres of land. Then you would have to find a way of disposing of the cut brush and trees. This would take even more effort and time.

Secondly, it provides great mulch for farming land. If you are clearing a piece of land in order to farm, brush mulching gives you a nice base to start on. The cut and ground brush works as very good mulch for the farm. This is good especially for soil that is prone to erosion.

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If you choose to leave your land for some time after clearing, the waste acts as a good way of keeping your land moist, and if it decomposes, can also be used as green manure. On the same breath, mulching has been accredited to causing little disturbance to the soil thus leaving it fertile for farming. This is compared to other methods that would involve heavier machinery and more invasive processes.

It is important to mention that mulching should be done with caution. Since the mulcher is bound to hit the ground several times in the process, it is likely to send small rocks and other objects flying. People should, therefore, clear out of the way while it is at work.

Brush Mulching Cost

Brush mulching costing is relative to the contractor, the size of land as well as the amount of work needed. Depending on the contractor, you may pay per hour of service or per acre. The average price ranges between $500 and $2000.


In order to have full reign of your piece of land, you will need land clearing services. Brush mulching falls squarely in this. Land Clearing Seattle offers you brush mulching and brush mowing at very competitive prices. Above this, we assure you of a professional and personal touch. Contact us today!​