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Land Clearing

There is a feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally acquire the land you have always wanted. The elation and accomplishment easily take you over! You map out plans of all you can and will do with it and can barely wait to start? So what do you do when you finally get to your land and discover you cannot start plans for building because it is overridden with shrubs, trees and trees? You contact a land clearing company, like Land Clearing Seattle.

What Is Land Clearing?

In essence, land clearing defines a process of responsibly removing shrubs, trees, rocks and all other obstructions in order to develop or farm a piece of land. It entails the use of heavy machinery and therefore should be undertaken with caution. Land Clearing Seattle comes bearing the equipment and experience needed to ensure the process unfolds effortlessly.

Land Clearing Process

  • Removal of all existing structures. In order to start the land clearing process, we have to remove all structures built on the land. These could include shacks, sheds and even stables. For this, we use bulldozers and wreckers where necessary.
  • Mark all wanted vegetation. If there are any trees or flowers that the client wants to keep, we mark them to avoid removing them while getting rid of the rest.
  • Get rid of all debris. These include things like huge rocks, tree trunks that may be lying about, broken glass, general trash and pieces of steel. Getting rid of these by hand makes it easy for our equipment to really get to work on the land.
  • Cut down trees. Trees are the most stubborn to remove. As such, we start off by cutting them down to enable us to get to the soil. The tree removal process starts from cutting them down, then grinding the stump that is left and in some cases, removal of the roots. You can choose to lumber the cut down trees and use the wood for building.
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  • Brush cutting and mowing. After the trees are out of the way, we then get to the shrubs and brush. This is done using different equipment depending on the density level.
  • Finally, we dig through the land and level it out. So whether you want to cultivate it or develop it, we leave the land ready for you.

Land Clearing Costs

The cost of land clearing is majorly determined by the amount of work that needs to be done, plus the amount of land in question. Land clearing and excavation contractors charge either per space covered or per work done. Your budget with therefore range between $400 on the lowest end and $9000 on the high end. Before hiring any excavation company, ensure that they are certified and insured. This will ensure that you are liable for any machinery damage that may occur, or worse still, any accidents that may occur.

Land Clearing Seattle is a certified and fully insured company, whose services are professional and exceptional. Contact us today, and let us handle all your land clearing needs.