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Lot & View Clearing

You can have the perfect piece of property; perfect location, perfect size and even the perfect view. If only those trees weren’t blocking it, or that shrub didn’t make your front yard look like a forest. Well, fret not, we got you!

Land Clearing Seattle is a company that specializes in brush clearing and clearing your view for you, so to speak. We have years of clearing experience that you can make full use of. So can we help you?


The Dig

Most lot clearing starts with the dig. This is mostly in spaces that have shrubs, climber plants and old ingrown grass. These make it impossible to start landscaping because if not handled right, some of these grow back really fast. We boast a team of experts who know exactly how to handle every stubborn trees. We have invested in high level machinery that can handle high level digging and low level where needed. We commence the dig once we are clear on what we are dealing with.

This, however, does not mean that if your needs are less intrusive we cannot come to your aid. Our services extend to shrub trimming as well as help with laying the foundation for landscaping.

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The Cut

For those whose main hindrance is trees in the wrong places, we have the perfect solution for you. We handle tree removal from all levels ensuring that all unwanted trees are gotten rid of once and for all.

We start off by actually cutting down the trees in question. We then commence on the stump removal process. This can be achieved through stump grinding where we ensure that the tree does not grow back in the future. Where completely necessary, we go as far as getting rid of the roots. This is most especially in cases where one needs to construct something on that spot.

In cases where you want to keep your trees, but simply need parts of them to be cleared out of the way, we offer tree trimming services. We get rid of all unwanted branches and high crowns that may be in the way. All this is done in the safest way possible to ensure the trees continue to grow normally.

Our tree trimming services come hand in hand with clearing shrubs in paths that also hinder/ alter your view.


Lot & View Clearing Near Me

There are a number of companies that offer land clearing services. The catch is finding one that knows what to do with lot & view clearing. With Land Clearing Seattle, we are well versed with all processes needed, including brush cutting and brush mowing where needed.


Lot & View Clearing Cost

The cost charged for lot & view clearing is determined by the amount of work needed, and the space covered. In essence, this will be determined by the land clearing contractor you employ. This price can therefore be as low as $500 and can go as high as $6000.